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Permaculture Landscape

Imagine a landscape rich with color and texture, beckoning you outside to enjoy its vibrance. Picture sunny spaces to enjoy your coffee on a cool winter morning and places for gathering with friends, shaded from the afternoon sun as you sip a chilled beverage at the end of a warm day. Envision a garden teaming with life and the enjoyment of watching it unfold: burrowing insects that improve the soil, buzzing insects pollinating plants, skittering lizards snacking on ants, the aerial acrobatics of hummingbirds, the antics of road runners, and the joyful songs of finches.

Now imagine all this is possible while reducing dependence on groundwater and lowering maintenance. By beautifully contouring the soil to capture rainwater runoff and planting native plants, this landscape becomes more resilient with age as the elements in the system support each other. This is a permaculture landscape.

Listening to You:

Expert Landscape Planning

Careful planning saves you time, money, and frustration—and delivers a landscape that’s perfect for you. Westgate Garden Design specializes in landscape planning. First, we guide you through the creation of an inspiring vision and clear goals for your landscape project. Then, our team designs customized solutions that align with your vision, goals, and tastes.

Creating Resilient Outdoor Environments:

Landscape Design that Works with Nature

At Westgate Garden Design, our specialty is designing beautiful spaces that bring your vision to life and reflect your environmental values. Permaculture landscape design embraces native plant systems that invite birds and pollinators. Every design incorporates rainwater harvesting methods, welcoming our precious rainwater into the landscape. As a result, people, soil, plants, and wildlife thrive with minimal upkeep.

Supporting the Construction Process:

Ensuring the Work is Done Right

Westgate Garden Design is by your side, from planning and design to guidance during project installation. We provide a landscape master plan and referrals to contractors and suppliers best suited to your project. Then, we stay on board to help you through bidding and construction. Whether answering your questions, communicating with contractors on your behalf, or conducting an onsite walk-through with you and the contractor before the project is complete, we are ready to help you see your vision through to completion.

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Why Choose Us?

We recognize that many homeowners care about conserving water and protecting wildlife. Yet, the standard landscaper’s solution to a low-water, low-maintenance landscape is a smattering of boulders and cactus, rivers of rock, and lots of gravel. Not only does this landscape look sterile, it IS sterile. It is devoid of soil life and reflects heat. Westgate Garden Design is dedicated to providing clients with beautiful landscapes in harmony with Nature. To achieve this, our full-service system works with you from planning to completion to ensure you get a spectacular garden that you can enjoy and is a source of positive environmental impact.

What Our Clients Say

“Charlene is very professional and met all her timelines w/o exceptions. The finalized design includes everything we hoped for and looks great now that the project is complete. As our plants mature, we very much look forward to the arrival of more birds and butterflies. I particularly like the design and use of rain gardens to more effectively and efficiently capture and distribute water to our plants. I highly recommend Charlene, given her expertise in Permaculture and her engaging personality.”

“I am so happy with the design work Charlene provided for my Green Valley home. She really listened and incorporated my must-have list into the design. She also gave me good advice on drought-tolerant plants and water harvesting. She is very thorough and thoughtful. I appreciate her willingness to make herself available during the construction bidding process. I highly recommend Charlene and Westgate Garden Design.”

“Westgate was very attentive to our desires as to design, mood, and commitment to native plants. It was a pleasure working with Charlene.”

“Charlene came to our home and was completely prepared with information on our property. She has a wonderful disposition and loves the work she does, and this is reflected in how dedicated she is to helping our environment and each person individually with their needs. We highly recommend having her come to your home.”

Kathy and Brian
“Absolutely love what you came up with for our yard. You were such an inspiration to us. Thank you for everything you did for us. We will most definitely ‘highly recommend’ you to others.” Thank you for your guidance!”

Joni & Kurt
“We are very happy with the assistance we received from Charlene of Westgate Garden Design. With her knowledge and expertise, she helped us design the backyard of our dreams, complete with shade, wildlife habitat, and water harvesting. We are looking forward to her guidance during the bidding and construction process. She has been a pleasure to work with.”

Cindy & Dan
“Charlene Westgate worked with me to design a new landscape plan for my yard. The goal was to save water while using drought-tolerant plants that would attract birds and butterflies. Her planning for the design is very extensive and detailed to account for the direction of the sun and the amount of water to be saved from roof runoff and plant selection. I am very pleased with the outcome.”


“Working with Charlene is a pleasure. We were able to use her full design package at our rental, and now we are using the consulting package for our permanent home. She knows her stuff and is fun to work with. Attended her talks too. They are always helpful and full of good ideas.”

Larry & Jean
“We asked Charlene to rework our garden to utilize the monsoon rains. Basins were installed to catch and hold the water. This monsoon has proved how well they work. We are delighted with the results and recommend Charlene very highly.”

Arthur & Vicky
“Great experience in all ways. I gained a lot of knowledge and will have a great desert front and back at my home in Green Valley. You cannot go wrong.”

how does it work

Follow These Steps

Step 1

Book a complimentary consultation to ensure we’re a great fit.

Step 2

Create a vision and goals for your project with expert guidance.

Step 3

Be delighted as our designers capture your vision on paper.

Step 4

Watch your landscape transform!

What you get:


Experience peace of mind, knowing your landscape project is in the hands of seasoned professionals who understand your unique vision and preferences.

Delight in the personalized attention and tailored solutions our expert team provides, ensuring your landscape design perfectly reflects your tastes, values, and lifestyle.

Walk away with a stunning outdoor space that meets your aesthetic desires and minimizes maintenance requirements, allowing you to enjoy your garden without the hassle.

Enjoy collaborating with a dedicated landscape design firm that prioritizes environmental consciousness, incorporating rainwater harvesting and restoring habitat for birds and pollinators.
Experience the relief of knowing that Westgate Garden Design focuses on you from planning to completion.

Charlene Westgate

I LOVE desert gardening—but I didn’t always!

Having gardened for a decade in the Midwest, I wondered if I’d ever figure out the secret to arid gardening when we moved to Arizona in 1990. Grassy lawns made no sense, but “xeriscape” gardens were one-dimensional. Having an attractive landscape was a constant struggle—trying to force my will on Nature.

…Until I discovered Permaculture.

I finally had a system for working with Nature instead of against Nature. My landscape took on a new vibrance and ease. And I had the pride of taking care of Nature at the same time.

As I began to teach others to do the same, I became known as the Nature Harmonizer, helping people create beautiful landscapes in harmony with Nature.

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