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Charlene Westgate

Why isn’t EVERYONE capturing rain?

When I relocated to Arizona in 1990, grassy lawns made no sense for the desert, but “xeriscape” landscapes were sterile and one-dimensional. Having an attractive landscape seemed a constant struggle—trying to force my will on Nature.


I’d long loved organic gardening and been passionate about “green” building. I had a successful design career with a construction company, our newly built “green” home, and a lovely vegetable garden. In my mid-fifties, I had NO intention of starting a business…

…Until I heard water harvesting guru Brad Lancaster speak for the first time on a tour for his new books on rainwater harvesting. Listening to Brad’s simple logic, I had a profound ‘ah-ha’ moment: First, I thought, “Why haven’t I heard of this before?” Then,

“Why isn’t EVERYONE capturing rain?”

I set out to install water harvesting systems at my home but was frustrated by the lack of professionals south of Tucson who understood Brad’s methods and those working in Tucson who did not want to work further south.

So a bit like the Little Red Hen, I declared, “I will do it myself.”

Certifications and advanced training later, the doors to Westgate Garden Design opened, bringing permaculture landscape design and rainwater harvesting to Green Valley, Sahuarita, and Tubac, Arizona, and teaching others to do the same.

Experience speaks for itself…

Charlene has multiple degrees and advanced certifications, along with decades of experience in design and design education. She remains active in various local organizations that allow her to give back. The Green Valley-Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce and Pima County Small Business Commission have honored Westgate Garden Design for its community contributions.

Beyond her work in residential landscape design, Charlene is a sought-after speaker for clubs, homeowner associations, and community organizations.

“What a wonderful presentation you gave last Monday—I enjoyed it so much!” Ina


Westgate Garden Design

Westgate Garden Design is an ecological landscape design firm in Green Valley creating beautiful landscapes in harmony with Nature. By making Nature an ally in the design process, landscapes are more attractive, are easier and less expensive to maintain, save water, and provide greater outdoor enjoyment all year.

Westgate Garden Design is proud to donate a portion of its sales to support these organizations:

“You can have a landscape in harmony with Nature. Westgate Garden Design can help.”

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