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Jul 7, 2023 | Desert Gardening, Landscape Design, Native Plants, Presentation, Rainwater Harvesting

Fall 2023 Gardening Workshops


*NOTE: These workshops have fees. Refer to the GVR course handbook for details.

Create Your Own Rain Garden – Wednesday, October 18, 3:00–4:30 pm

Rain gardens provide an attractive solution in a region where water is scarce, and outdoor water use accounts for more than half of our residential water consumption.

A rain garden is “a simple depression in the soil that becomes a watery oasis every time it rains.” With rain gardens, the soil is contoured to capture rainwater runoff. This approach adds interest to the landscape and reduces reliance on groundwater, providing plants with free, high-quality water.

SUPPLIES: Bring an aerial map or pictures of your property.

Creating Your Own Habitat Garden – Wednesday, November 1, 3:00–5:00 pm

Do you enjoy watching birds, butterflies, and other Sonoran Desert wildlife? Do you want your yard to make a difference for wildlife while experiencing the enjoyment of watching them? Based on Tucson Audubon Society’s Habitat at Home program, this course will teach you how to create a beautiful landscape that reduces maintenance, saves water, and attracts birds and pollinators. Week 1: Gardening to Attract Birds. Week 2: Gardening to Attract Pollinators.

SUGGESTED: Take Creating Your Own Rain Garden as an introduction.


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